Grain filler fills the pores of open-pored woods so that the spray on finishes to follow do not soak in to the wood unevenly. They also fill the larger ridges of grain to allow for a flat surface to be achieved. Grain filler should be followed by an appropriate sanding sealer or primer for the colour and top coats you wish to use.

Grain filler should be used on open-pore woods such as mahogany and its substitutes (sapele, khaya ivorensis etc.), and some ash.

For a natural finish use a colour of grain filler which most closely matches the colour of the wood being finished.

Grain filler should be applied prior to wood stain and sanding sealers or primers. Our thixotropic grain filler can be stained over using our Lightfast Spirit Based Wood Stains.

See our guide on How To Apply Grain Filler for more information on applying our thixotropic grain filler.