Oil finishes work by soaking in to the pores of the wood, saturating it and eventually forming a layer on the surface. Different oils give finishes with varying durability, chemical and water resistance, and shine.

As the oils soak in through the pores of the wood we would not recommend using them together with fillers such as our thixotropic grain filler, as these fillers block the pores of the wood and inhibit the action of the oil.

The general process for applying oil finishes is as follows:

- Ensure the wood is sanded smooth to 240 or 320 grit.
- Using a clean cloth or brush start applying the oil to the wood. The oil will gradually soak in. Allow 24 hours to dry.
- Repeat, applying more oil with a cloth or brush. Keep applying the oil until the wood will hold no more, until it is saturated. You will be able to tell when this has happened as the oil will not soak in to the surface.
- Wipe off the excess oil, and allow to dry for 7 days.
- Use 1500 grit wet/dry paper to apply a final coat of oil. This will give it a very smooth finish.

Allow this final coat to dry for 24 hours, and then if desired apply a wax finish such as beeswax to enhance the shine.